This is my heart for you, dear reader.


I hope to share plenty and fill up this website with deep yet conversational content. These are things that I would share if you came over to my home or if we met up at a local coffee shop. You can see my most recent posts by scrolling further below. If you want to see earlier posts, navigate through the menu bar above. If you are looking for a specific topic, utilize the search bar.


The internet can be a strange thing. Profoundly helpful, but also like a big echo chamber if one is not careful. I always welcome (and encourage) dialogue in kindness. It is only through the exchange and exploration of ideas that we can all grow and learn. So please contribute if you wish to do so. Or just come hang out, read, and learn. That's okay too.


It is my desire that this space would be a reflective one, but also one that generates a response. We can gather all the information in the world, but if it doesn't change the way we live then what good has it really done? I sincerely hope that you will leave this space always better than what you came. Not because I have it all together, but because that's the same journey I'm on.

Hi. I'm Katie.

Lifelong learner, deep thinker, and passionate dreamer.

I created this space because I wanted to share all the things that I am learning with people like you.

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Recent posts

Book Review: Defiant

Defiant is powerful and subversive, faithful yet imaginative—a perfect read for these times. This book is an invitation to rediscover the wisdom that this sacred text holds for our modern lives. It is also a celebration of what it means to be a woman caught up in the work of loving God and neighbor.

Book Review: Try Softer

Book review of Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode--and into a Life of Connection and Joy by Aundi Kolber.

Women of Advent: Anna, prophet of hope

Hope knows that God is for us, God will not abandon us, and God will finish the good work that was started. Hope steps out with a heart ablaze and hands committed to joining in this movement of God. Hope sees the darkness, but also knows that the light is coming.

Women of Advent: Elizabeth, declarer of blessing

The good news for aching hearts this season is that God is indeed with us. The good news for joyful hearts this season is that God is with us. The good news for all of us this season wherever we are and however we are feeling, is that God is with us.

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