Why a blog?

I think that we live in an age where there is so much access to information, but little meaningful engagement and reflection. I hope that this place can be a community that is informed, yet also kind. Committed, yet also open. Engaged, yet also listening.

Other than that, I just have thoughts that I wish to share with whoever might be willing to read them!

Why Reflections of an Ezer?

I chose the name “Reflections of an Ezer” because I’m a word nerd. I love words and I love word plays.

The word reflection can be used in many different ways. It can be used to describe deep thinking and careful thought. As in the sentence, “I reflect on the choices of my life.” It can also be used to describe the portrayal of an image as if mirrored. As in the sentence, “The water showed a reflection of my face.”

“Ezer” is the Hebrew word that is used in Genesis 2 when God describes the woman that He creates and brings to the man. This word is also used to describe the way that God comes to the aid of his people. (Cue blog post coming on this sometime soon!)

 So Reflections of an Ezer has a two-fold vision

1. to be a place where I share my own reflections on life, that is, the reflections of an ezer

2. to be a place that inspires others to follow Jesus, so that each individual and this collective community could be said to be reflections of the true ezer.

May it be so.