Women of Advent: Mary, Mother of God

A young unwed girl living in a small village that has nothing of which to boast was an unlikely choice to be the vessel for the incarnation of the Christ and an unlikely candidate to be the mother of God—except that God delights to use what is ordinary, common, and overlooked.

Turning inward

Search the depths of your own soul. Confront your own humanity. Meet God there in that place. What a wondrous thing it is to realize that even in our beautiful and profoundly broken space, the places we don’t allow anyone to know or see because of how shameful they are—this is exactly where God embraces us.

Reflections on the woman taken in adultery

The truth that I have been reminded of time and again though is God is still love. God is still there. God is the God who delights in our joy and joins us in our suffering. The love of God is constant. The love of God is not always a feeling, sometimes it is, many times it isn’t. But it is always displayed towards us.